Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) technology, it has users receive error tolerance, data protection, increased performance and larger capacity of their hard drives. RAID systems allow users to access a system of many hard drives, as if it were to a single device, which contributes to the complexity of RAID data recovery. With the data are stored and backed up on different drives, RAID technology creates a system that is verytolerant to data loss, and often saves users the headache of data recovery.

Leaders of the Pack

LaCie is an award-winning manufacturer of computer hardware and their 4big Quadra range set the standard in RAID technology in the last year for creative professionals and small server backups.

This year, the 5big Network area looks as if it were a new standard in RAID storage technology will be designed and aimed at small and medium workgroups or offices. The 5big Network with a capacity of up to 10TB swings and is hot-swappable and supports RAID modes, 7 (including RAID 0, RAID 5 and RAID 6) for flexibility and maximum data. It is in a sleek aluminum tower with a somewhat scary cyclops light that reminds you of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey accommodated. As a built-in function, the LaCie 5big network with Torrent client for the automatic download of a file. You will also find 5 external> RAID disk slots on the back of the unit, 1.5TB each, that can be put away under lock and key for added security.

The 5big Network can be neatly stacked, so you save valuable space on your server space, and the browser-based management system enables a painless setup. In addition, multiple users can store, share and gain access to the RAID drives without taxing the bandwidth of a central server. Among the traditional 4big Towers, in comparison5big Network uses up to 25% less energy and the revolutionary new cooling system is 37% quieter, despite the additional RAID disks. With a 1 GB Ethernet port, you can expect incredibly fast transfer over the network.


The folks at LaCie are never satisfied, on average, and enjoy the limits. The 5big Network, for example, was recently expanded to order up to 10 TB of storage and iTunes support. LaCie makes it his business to save youFrom the anger of data recovery and if you want your RAID storage big, bad, and rock-solid, you can not just ask for a better brand. Despite several impressive design of LaCie storage solutions, it still is not, from time to time, and in these cases it is best to save your precious silver box with his hand on the RAID data recovery specialists. Unskilled RAID data recovery is always trying to stop trouble.

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