Only in recent years has the concept of recycling entered the mainstream. Now, for example, it is important to recycle household goods, otherwise you risk incurring a fine. In fact, so improved are the ways in which we are able to recycle these days, that you could even say that we are in a golden age of recycling.

An important part of this has to do with the internet. The internet has introduced all sorts of novel ways to recycle our goods, and the internet itself is relatively green. True, the servers required to store data do consumer energy, however visiting a website is much better for the environment than driving somewhere in your car.

One important way that the internet is an aid to recycling is with mobile phone recycling companies. These companies are now relatively ubiquitous, and they will accept your old handsets (in most cases) and give you an appropriate financial reward.

If your phone is relatively new then it means you might get more money for it by selling it through more traditional channels. However, for older or outmoded handsets you’ll find that selling can be difficult, and so the guaranteed sale promise of these sites might be worth looking at.

These sites are also very easy to use, and you don’t have to go to the trouble of setting up a profile, or posting an ad on an auction site for instance. So, next time you want to “sell my phone” why not look at one of these online services, who recycle all sorts of phones, for instance they recycle nokia phone handsets.

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